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Martial arts Classes, Dublin CA
  • Patient, passionate instructor makes learning sweet

  • Fosters self confidence and socializing skills

  • Builds coordination and balance

  • Start healthy habits early

kids having fun in Master Kim's Taekwondo school
  • High energy, fun classes

  • Students learn respect, self discipline, and perseverance

  • Better focus leads to academic success

  • Learn the power of setting the goal

  • Total body workout

  • Practical self defense skills

  • Motivating belt system and instruction

  • Flexible class schedule

  • Great way to wash away stress

  • Leadership Program

  • Instructor Program

  • Master Program


Welcome to Master Kim's Taekwondo Academy, Dublin CA

Master Kim's Taekwondo Academy offers Martial Arts to all ages in the Tri-Valley, which serves Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville, Livermore. Master Kim holds a bachelor's degree in Taekwondo and Physical education at Yong-in University. Yong-in University is Korea's premier university for Korean athletes and martial artists. Its intense athletic programs have produced the most gold medalists in the Olympics for Korea. With over 25 years of Taekwondo experience, Master Kim's Taekwondo is dedicated to helping every member of the school gain the most out of every class session. At Master Kim's Taekwondo students will experience one of the best martial arts in California.


Master Kim, our friendly students, and positive environment will help create the best learning environment. Located in the Tri-Valley, Master Kim's Taekwondo students will build a fit body and mind. Students will gain flexibility, strengthen and tone their muscles and give them greater endurance, all while having fun and learning valuable life skills that will carry over to becoming a successful human-being. We develop healthy martial artists with healthy minds so they have the energy and fitness to be leaders and succeed at life’s challenges. Master Kim is expert at motivating students and bringing out the best in them. We love to team up with families to instill a perseverance in students and help them become Champions in Life.

We realize that today's families have busy schedules, and adding something new may be challenging. We offer Little Tigers Program, Children ClassesTeen & Adult Classes and MKTA / Clubs. That's why we've designed our schedule with flexible class times in order to accomodate as many people's schedules as possible. Unlike other activities, you don't have to come to the same day and time each week.

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